Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rolling Along

I am now officially over the half way mark on this 40 yard pale blue (mostly) warp. :)

This photo shows 'string of pearls' variations 2 and 3. At the bottom is the treadling with a twill tie up: 1:3:2:2:3:1

The top shows the same treadling with a twill block tie up. The motifs are much more pronounced in the block twill version. One side of this fabric has more blue, the other side more of the white linen.

While I like the block twill variation, I think I'm going to change the treadling yet again and do something much simpler. It ought to give rippling waves across the width of the fabric if I'm visualizing it correctly. :)

That's one of the joys of weaving - coming up with a vision, and then seeing if it actually materializes. (punny, Laura, very punny!)

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