Saturday, September 19, 2009

Colour, Colour,Colour!

In spite of on-going procrastination tendencies, I did manage to dress the loom and weave off two gamps this afternoon. :}

The hem-stitching took longer than the weaving - as is often the way. So often the finishing takes longer than making something........

The three yard warp is a generous length for two gamps. If one didn't cut off and re-sley there would probably be plenty for a table runner woven with - perhaps - black - or some other very dark colour to 'pop' the brilliant colours.

But as a learning exercise, I think I've got the numbers sorted. There is plenty of weft on the quills - rather than try for squares in the twill gamp, I just wove off all the weft on the quills and there was easily double than what was required.

The hold up now is waiting for the fill in order of yarn to come and double check the new colours. In the meantime I will work on the paperwork to go with the kits and on Monday get Karena to wind the "neutral" gamp warp. It's also a sort of grey scale with natural in the centre, then going to dark brown one direction, black in the other.

My target is to have the gamps ready for sale by mid-October. Something for the Santa List?

Of course about the time the yarn arrives next week, I will be leaving again. I won't know until next week exactly when I'll get back as I may be meeting with someone about a joint project - it will depend on her schedule. If the meeting is on, I'll also swing through Kelowna and visit with friends over night. The days are getting short enough, and I'm finding it more and more difficult to drive in the dark, that I don't want to do 14 hour drives in one day once the long summer days are done.