Thursday, September 17, 2009

Throwing the Shuttle

I got started thinking today about how I throw the shuttle - what parts of my arm/hand actually get used.

It seems to me that there is only a very little wrist flex once I get up to speed. That the motion comes initially from the shoulder, bringing the hand closer to the selvedge. Then a slight rotation of the lower arm from the elbow and that the majority of the propulsion actually comes - not from the wrist - but from the index finger.

Unfortunately it would take a high speed camera in order to slow the movement down sufficiently to really see what's happening.

Of course a wider warp could change everything..............

Time Warp - wanna come to my studio?


Delighted Hands said...

I learn so much from you, thank you, Teacher!

Benita said...

Oh, my dear Laura! I would LOVE to come to your studio. One day, perhaps, I will!

Dorothy said...

I love your videos, they are so helpful.

Laura said...

I'm hoping to get another video clip showing how I sley done early next week.


Ellen H. said...

The video clips are fantastic. Thanks for sharing with us.