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Monday, September 21, 2009

Seattle Weavers Guild Sale

October 22-24 is the annual Seattle Weavers Guild sale. If you are in the Seattle area, this is a fantastic opportunity to see some amazing textiles.

The Seattle guild has over 300 members from the area. Talent and inspiration abounds. Not to mention great buys.

The hall is set up like a huge department store - but this department store is all hand made textiles. There are incredible baskets (Marilyn Moore), rugs of all sizes and descriptions, tapestries, household textiles (Robyn Spady, Jan Paul), bobbin lace (Lois Gaylord), fashions - accessories and clothing, and even a department for yarns - hand spun and/or hand dyed.

Truly a feast for the eyes - and hands.


barbara said...

Oh Gosh ....... to be living on the West Coast again. I would be there in a flash. The best of luck to any of the participants!!!! Would love to see a few "overview" pictures of the event. Weaverly yours .... Barbara

Laura said...

Hi Barbara,

You can get a taste by watching the slide show. Click on the picture and wait a bit for the slides to load.

There are some fantastic pieces just in the slide show.

If I remember, I'll take photos with my Blackberry. :)


barbara said...

Thanks Laura for steering me in the right direction to see some of the slides - you are right, fantastic pieces. Perhaps some day, we will get our act together and put on a sale at our Weaving Studio in the convent. It would be a great location - if only we had a bigger population. Weaverly yours ... Barbara

Holly said...

Hi Laura, am on vacation in Paris and haven't seen any scarves here that are as lovely as the ones at the SWG sale!

Laura said...

Hi Holly,

Thanks for all the effort you've put into marketing the sale! :D

Look forward to seeing you in Oct.