Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back "Home"...

Crossed the border this afternoon around 1 pm or so. Will stay with friends for a few days, taking in the Ponderosa guild spin in on Saturday.

The drive yesterday and today was pretty good all in all. I had a bit of rain yesterday until I got through the mountains and came out the other side - the 'dry' side of Washington State.

Today the clouds threatened but apart from a couple of stray spatters, it was dry all the way. And no snow, thankfully. I avoided the roads through the higher elevations, just in case.

Had a short visit with Chris and family at Joybilee Farm, and arrived in Kelowna around dinner time.

Currently reading Sand Sharks by Margaret Maron


Delighted Hands said...

love that first day home after a trip.....

Laura said...

Well, I'm not "home" home, just back in Canada. :) I'll stay for the spin in on Saturday and head north on Sunday.