Friday, September 18, 2009

Colour Gamp Kits

Yesterday the yarn order for the colour gamp kits arrived. This morning I sorted through it all, dividing the yarn up into plastic bins - one for each of the kits.

Unfortunately I wasn't happy with a couple of my colour choices, so I have to order in more yarn to make the gamps look nicer - to me.

There will be four gamps - Rainbow (saturated - in the middle bin on the right), earth tones (bin in the foreground), Neutrals (sort of grey scale - middle left) and Pastels (on the top).

Each gamp will have 9 colours. Each kit will have a pre-wound warp, and paper quills with sufficient weft to weave two gamps. The warp will be enough for two gamps - possibly one in plain weave, one in twill. Or two weavers could share the warp and each have a colour gamp.

The challenge now is - where to store it all.

I'll be posting info to my Art Fire store as soon as I have woven the samples. All four kits should be ready mid-October.


barbara said...

Wow, what an adventure to put together the color gamp kits - great, great learning for anyone that wants to weave a color gamp! One can learn so much by doing color gamps. Storage is always a problem, I am quite sure once they are out to the general weaving population for sale, you won't have to store them long. Weaverly yours .... Barbara

Delighted Hands said...

Agreed-you won't have to store them long 'cuz they will go fast once they are on sale! Lovely...

Sharon Schulze said...

I have six large and small projects that I want to finish and then I had already decided to spend time on color. I have the Lunatic Fringe color study series and I think this gamp would be a perfect complement to that study!

And probably for a true, proper color study I would need more than one, right? So even though I'm drawn to the brilliant rainbow colors it would probably be good for me to study the neutrals and pastels, too. In the interest of learning, of course.