Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day Two...

...has dawned, another lovely day with temps in the 80's. Who says the Pacific Northwest rains all the time???? :D

The nice thing about staying with a friend is that I have internet access and this morning received confirmation that I am booked to teach in Missouri next May. So I'm looking forward to - hopefully - teaching there. As soon as I get home I'll update my Schedule Page.

They wanted a Beginning Weaving class, so that will be 3 days, followed by a two day class on Twills. Anyone who takes the Beginner Class can roll right on into the Twill class if they wish. During the 5 days, they would dress the loom at least twice, hopefully three times, which should give them a good grounding in warping the loom, back to front.

The first day of the Fair was - as usual - busy, busy, busy! Don't know final sales figures yet, but early indications were that the Artists in Action area got off to a good start.

Personally I'm pleased, but of course that was just day one of a 17 day show. So we will see how it continues.

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Sandra Rude said...

Hope the good sales (and the good weather) continue!