Saturday, September 5, 2009

Goin' With the Flow

Sometimes things morph.

The Plan for this warp was to weave some squares for shawls, fairly small ones at around 30" square. Something lower price points.

But then I remembered that Doug's niece - a fiery red-head - loves pink and orange as a colour combination. And since we'll be visiting her on the return trip from Seattle, I needed a hostess gift. :D

I started out to make a big cozy shawl, but then I had 'extra' weft yarn leftover and just continued on weaving. Shannon can decide for herself if she will use the fabric for a shawl, vest, or? She's very creative and talented so I'm sure she will think of something.

So now that I've veered off on a tangent, I'll go back to Plan A tomorrow. But now I've got a deadline - get this warp off on Monday, wet finish the fabric for Shannon on Tuesday so we can pack it with us on Wednesday.

Re: my website - today I purchased the next size website package so that the videos won't use up my bandwidth in a day or two. :)

Now that I've gotten friendly with the video camera, I see more videos coming. I actually shot one this afternoon, but hadn't noticed that the battery was nearly dead, so it didn't turn out. However, I'll try again on the next warp and get it to Allan to include on my website. Putting them on my blog is okay, but I think I actually get more traffic to my website, so..........might as well keep all the 'educational' stuff in one place?

Currently reading Regenesis by C. J. Cherryh (I had a read-fest this morning and finished the Nevada Barr when I *ought* to have been sleying and starting to weave!)


Delighted Hands said...

This shawl is fantastic-very exciting!

Benita said...

Wonderful! I love your videos and always learn something when watching them.

Sharon Schulze said...

Video is an amazing thing - a video of a few seconds can communicate in ways that just can't be replicated by other means!

WeaveZine said...

What do you think about YouTube? You can create your own channel and then embed videos in your website. The nice thing is they deal with all the storage and streaming issues.