Thursday, October 1, 2009

Revisitng an 'Old" Project

Copies of Magic in the Water are dwindling - sufficiently that I have turned my attention toward what to do about it when they are - finally - all gone.

Not that they will be gone any time soon, with 74 copies left looking for good homes. :}

However, I am visiting with my webmaster, and the opportunity to discuss re-publishing Magic on cd was too good to overlook.

So we have discussed formats and drawn up battle plans and much work has been accomplished today regarding files and formats.

Of course any edition of Magic on cd will not include the samples as such. They will be photographed and included as images only.

The big advantage of this is that it will bring the price of the cd version down to a much more acceptable level for most people's budgets, so I am hopeful that there will be a market for the cd version.

Time will tell!


barbara said...

Interesting concept - I think the truly wonderful aspect of "Magic In Water" is actually the handwoven samples. There is a great deal of information in the text; being a "visual" person, the samples are what made Evelyn and I decide to purchase a copy. Good luck with your new adventure. Weaverly yours ... Barbara

Laura said...

Hi Barbara,

I agree and I'm torn about putting the info on cd without the tactile experience of the samples. But I also know many people have expressed the regret that they cannot afford to buy Magic with the samples, soooooo......


Sharon Schulze said...

I have an idea in the back of my head so it isn't well-formed... but what if there was some kind of study guide for guild groups that boiled down to "how to weave your own samples to go with the Magic in the Water CD"?

It would still be worth it to me to get the book with the cloth but it might also be a lovely guild study or workshop project and also less expensive. Or perhaps you could add that to your workshop listings... "learn to weave the samples in Magic in the Water"

Not well formed ideas at all. But maybe it will jiggle something in somebody else's brain.

barbara said...

Hi Laura,
Follow your "gut" feeling on this. Amazing how right the "gut" can be. You are right, at a lower cost, people might be happy to live without the tactile experience.
Weaverly yours ...... Barbara

Bonnie said...

A book without woven samples is still a book in your hand. A CD is different. Running low on books myself (Exploring Multishaft Design; thanks for helping me, Laura), I contemplate moving it to CD. That could include color photos and wif files, and would not give me headaches over storage and moving boxes of books. But I like the feel of a book! Bonnie Inouye

Laura said...

Hi Bonnie,

I like the feel of a book, too. :(
But publication costs have gotten so astronomical.....

At least cd's are more managable in terms of producing them. You don't need to stockpile a 1000 copies to make printing worthwhile. :^)