Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Plain Weave

Plain weave again

Funny how I seem to get into a groove and can't get out of it again, but here I am with another 4 warps destined to be woven in plain weave. Each warp is 4 yards long for one scarf.

While in Kelowna on my last trip, I spent a couple of hours wandering the shopping mall looking at clothing. Specifically scarves/shawls. And was interested to see that a lot of them were using shrinkage differential/collapse effects.

This summer two of the students used a new to me yarn that was thicker than the ultra-fine wool/lycra I've had in inventory for a number of years. It was also cotton and lyrca, not wool and lycra. Tien wove up a sample warp and from the samples designed a shawl. Sharon also made a shawl.

So I'm not exactly flying blind here - I do have the benefit of two previous warps - well, three if you count the sample warp.

With time extremely limited, I didn't do anything fancy - just repeated what we had done for the sample because I knew how that had turned out - with the goal of having four collapse scarves ready for the craft fair this weekend.

Of course I can't get them all done! But at least they are started and will be ready for the fair the following weekend. :}

The down side of weaving fabric that collapses along the length is that you have to weave nearly twice as much length.

The up side is that they don't require fringe twisting or pressing. The scarves will be hemmed after being run through the washer and dryer. Getting the lycra wet activates it and the collapse happens.

I was going to do some spinning but apparently the craft drop-in isn't today. :} Perhaps I'll spin while watching some tv later. Unfortunately there is still a stack of rayon chenille scarves to fringe twist.....


Sandra Rude said...

No rest for the weary - there's always something waiting to be done! At least you're feeling better on the present regime. Wish I could see the collapse scarves "in the flesh." I'm often tempted to put the collapse in the weftwise direction, because it's easy enough to put on a wider warp, and not have to weave twice the length.

Laura said...

Yes, but 60" wide still wouldn't be long enough. :} And I'm not about to do double width - don't have that much virtue!!! :^)

Yes, the last tweak in meds seems to be helping along with the Cardio Cocktail supplement. My energy seems to be returning even though I'm still spending way too much time playing Mah Jong on the computer!!! :}


Sharon Schulze said...

That yarn is coooool. And the collapse is stretchier than other collapses I've seen. Still paying the cat's vet bills but I would love to have more of that yarn. There isn't tremendous call for scarves in the south/southwest where my people are but I think a stretchy scarf would be novel enough that it might generate some interest. :-)

How is your Mt. Everest going? Did you climb and conquer those mountains? I'm working at home today to crank out some stuff that has been hanging over my head and if everything works I'll be able to put on my 14 yard shawl warp tomorrow. Exciting but also a little daunting since I still don't have the warping valet (Daddy's coming at Christmas and we will put it up then) and now that I've seen the easy way I'm timid about doing it any other way, especially for a warp that long. :-)

Laura said...

Hi Sharon,

Working on one peak, the other appears to be a much longer journey. :)

Yes, there is always the novelty factor and industry is now offering collapse textiles so we'll see if there is more interest from the public or if it will be impossible to compete. :}