Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Gamp Woven

Plain weave gamp

Today's progress has once again been slow. :( Wound three pastel warps and got one of them onto the Fanny and finally managed to get the plain weave gamp woven. I expect to weave the twill tonight while Doug is out visiting his buddy.

While I've done nothing about the two Mountains on my job list, I did tackle a separate issue that had been plaguing me. Unfortunately my blood pressure shot through the roof doing it, but at least it is now dealt with and not festering at the back of my mind. And for that I feel relieved. :)

I reviewed my blood pressure readings and made an interesting discovery. My bp settled down in June with readings that were not only good, but even a little on the low side. They shot up in September and have been very irratic since then.

In June I switched from Ezetrol to Niacin for cholesterol and in September I stopped taking the diuretic. When I reviewed the dates when my bp settled down and went ballistic again, I realized that in June I had also started taking a nutritional supplement, and in September I ran out of my supply and stopped taking it.


So rather than try and change my medication again, I'm going to ask my doctor if we can wait until I can get another supply of the supplement to give that a go and see if it is the missing piece of the puzzle............

The downside is, of course, the fact that nutritional supplements aren't covered by my medical insurance while pills are. :( We'll see what the dr says on Wed. when I go in to get my Rx's renewed. I'm sure he'll have words about my bp readings, especially the one this afternoon when my bp really went ballistic. :( I hate being such a 'fragile flower'! :P~

I'm also hoping that getting my bp settled again will mean I'll feel more settled in my own skin and once more feel like working.

Currrently reading The Shack by William Young (read Sand Sharks by Margaret Maron and Fire and Ice by J. A. Jance while I was away)


Sandra Rude said...

Everything's connected - change one little detail, and everything else goes haywire. Just hang in there and it'll work itself out soon.

Sandra Rude said...

p.s. The gamp looks just delicious!

Delighted Hands said...

I sympathize; having trouble with bone density and I am not processing enough D for the calcium to be absorbed. I feel the fragility factor you are talking about. It is hard to mimic the perfectly working body when things go awry.

Laura said...

I always held the myth that I was strong - dealing with fragility has been a revelation. :( As for lack of calcium, watch out for shingles - I had calcium deficiency syndrom a few years ago - that's another whole set of challenges. Good luck!

Today I start tacking one of my Mountains. :D


Kim said...

What beautiful colors in your gamp... I wonder if I have any sherbet in the house?

Sharon Schulze said...

Ooooh... The Shack. Did you enjoy it?

I love that pastel gamp! But then, I love all of them so it's not surprising.

I also happened to love being in your studio. Working in a "real" studio has made me feel much more confident about my own weaving space. Of course, my space is also a guest room and office, but a girl can pretend... :-) If you had been part of the Handwoven issue I think it would have been terrific!

Laura said...

Hi Sharon,

The Shack was interesting. Not, I expect, for everyone as the author had some interesting views of what/who God is and does. :D

Well, I just didn't feel comfortable about the mess my studio habitually is. *I* know that I'm organized in my own fashion - just didn't want others to judge me on it. :}


Dorothy said...

That's a very pretty pastel gamp.

It's tough being mortal, no getting away from that. I hope you are right about the nutritional supplement. I am wondering whether, rather than taking the supplement, you could get to see a nutrition specialist, they might work out what it is in the supplement you need so you could change your diet instead of taking the supplement?

Laura said...

Hi Dorothy,

Unfortunately I have extensive food allergies, so I'm already taking mega dietary supplements. It is the only way I can avoid nutritional deficienies. So I don't mind taking one more. :)