Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Enough to Eat!

Here are the yarns for the pastel colour gamp kit. Delicious!

I'm not entirely happy with the pale green (third from the left) - dye lot difference means it is a tiny bit more intense than the sample card. But it's about the same value as the salmon (third from the right) so it should balance out nicely.

I continue to have a hard time getting myself to do anything at all, but finally got the twill neutral gamp woven, and that and the earth tones gamps are in the dryer along with a load of the hearts cotton tea towels - all of which will get pressed tonight.

Doug got me some more filtered water for the boiler so that has also been dealt with and I'll take it to the annex tonight when I go to press. There was only one 3 liter jug left so it was time.

There are a couple of things on my job list that I am finding to be real roadblocks mentally. They are committments that I agreed to a while ago and now find less than attractive. But I have given my word and feel honour bound to complete. Until they are done, I really don't want to start anything else but have been finding myself perfecting procrastination and therefore - not doing anything.

But that has got to change as show season has begun and there are many things that need to happen in very short order. My goal is to get both of the Mountains summited before I leave for the Seattle Weavers Guild sale on Oct. 20. That gives me 10 days.

This afternoon I'm going to wind the pastel gamp warp and see if I can get the loom dressed before dinner, press the load of stuff I just wet finished and tomorrow start tackling Mount Everest. Kilimanjiro may get offerred to another weaver because I'm really not wanting to go there, do that. :}


barbara said...

Hi Laura,
The colors for the pastel color gamps are WONDERFUL!!!

Regarding your big tasks; I always ask myself: "How can I eat an elephant?" "Then I hear a voice, saying - one bite at a time."

How do you master two mountains? I believe "one step at a time". If another weaver can "climb one of the mountains for you" - so be it!!! Perhaps there is a reason to offer it to another weaver ....

Good luck in the next ten days - will be thinking about you.

Weaverly yours ....... Barbara

Sandra Rude said...

Those *are* lovely colors, and will make a very pretty gamp kit.

Having an overfull inventory myself, I can relate to your difficulties getting motivated. Even with the preholiday show season starting, I feel the same way. However, the excitement of the soon-to-be jacquard is enough to keep me going.

Good luck mountain climbing!

Sharon Schulze said...

I didn't think I would care for the pastel colors since I'm usually a brights/primaries/jewel tone type person but mmmm... it looks like a delightful array of tasty sherbets.

Delighted Hands said...

I am not a pastels kind of person but these sure are pleasing! I am much better at picturing my lack of interest long after a commitment, so I really sympathize with you . I find if I do a quickie 'totally just for me' project,then I can tackle the mountain climbing with renewed energy! Hope it works for you!