Saturday, October 31, 2009

Booth Pictures

Left hand side of booth

Right hand side of booth

These pictures aren't great - they were taken with my Blackberry, and the light coming from behind is kind of washing things out. Not to mention the reflection from my mirror.

The set up is U shaped with the scarf rack in the middle of the mouth of the U so that traffic can flow into and around the booth.

We always use our own lighting when ever possible - even in a room such as this with natural light, you can't always count on good light. For instance today was sporadically cloudy, with two major storms that gusted through. For an hour or so each time, the light was very poor and if we hadn't had our own lights, our booth would have looked very dim and gloomy.

In terms of display, the chenille scarves were front and centre - just because they feel so luxurious! :) Hopefully they will elicit interest and invite people to go further into the booth to feel the rest of the textiles.

The right hand wing had the soy protein and tencel scarves, which led into the bamboo and tencel scarves and shawl. Only had one shawl ready, unfortunately, but should have another half dozen for Studio Fair next weekend. They're ready to be wet finished. I should be able to do that and get them pressed before Thursday set up.

Then came the table and kitchen textiles. If I'd had a better selection of placemats I could have sold more, but only had the dregs left over from the other shows earlier.

On the left wing are the throws and then some hand dyed yarns.

Was really glad I brought the yarns because quite a bit of it sold. :)

While I wasn't totally happy with the layout, it did well enough for today. I'll re-merchandize tomorrow morning when I'm feeling fresher. Since we got up at 5:15 and my bp was high I wasn't feeling great. (It came down and was fine by lunch.) Hopefully after a better night's sleep I'll feel more creative in the morning.

The nature of this (and next week's fair as well) is that people will generally walk the entire fair before making any major purchases. So it was nice to have the yarn because that is what sold in the morning. Scarves started selling while I was home for lunch, and then sold sporadically for the rest of the afternoon along with some mats, a throw, a couple of table runners and - more yarn.

So all in all, a respectable start. While one always hopes for more, some is better than none. And there is always tomorrow (thank you Mz Scarlett!)


barbara said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for sharing what your booth looked like; gives us an appreciation for the amount of work you do, to be able to fill a booth that size. Well Done. I wish you nothing but great success at these sales!!! Weaverly yours ... Barbara

Laura said...

Hi Barbara,

The booths at this event are 6x6 and I get two so I have 6x12. The show next weekend is 10 x 10 on a corner. :)


Sharon Schulze said...

I'm encouraged that things seem to be going well at the shows for you. I'm in two shows this year (not a lot of stuff, just a group of folks sharing a space). Last year I sold essentially nothing - exactly nothing in one show and almost nothing in the other. I hope people are a little more optimistic this year here in North Carolina!

Laura said...

Hi Sharon,

I don't think it's just the economy, it's also the aging of the population. People are reaching an age where they don't want to accumulate more 'stuff'.

The younger generation either isn't interested yet, or can't afford my prices. :(

One reason I'm doing more hand dyed yarn - it's more affordable and many young people are knitting. Glad I had the wool yarn for the show at the U. :)