Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Yarn Harlot

I first heard about The Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) in 2003, but - not being much involved in the knitting world - didn't pursue the comments made by fervent knitting friends. :)

Thursday we went to Weaving Works in Seattle so that I could buy a pair of knitting needles. (I suspected I was about to run out of hand work to do in the evenings - a fate worse than death!)

While there I looked at their books, thinking that since I was purchasing a rigid heddle loom, a book that would help me use this tool effectively might be A Good Thing.

While scanning the book shelves, I spotted a slim volume called Things I Learned from Knitting....whether I wanted to or not.

Pulling it down from the shelf I started reading. And giggling. And snickering. And out right laughing.

For instance, The 39th Thing: Goodness is its own reward.

"Sometimes if I am having a very, very bad day and much of humanity vexes me entirely, one of the only things that keeps me on the straight and narrow in this life is the knowledge that not all prisons have a knitting program."

Oh, yes, I also got Betty Linn Davenport's book on rigid heddle weaving.

Oh - and I also rummaged (foraged?) through Lynn's stash and got a couple of nice cottons that I combined to knit a scarf and got about 10 inches done while we (well, while Lynn) watched the baseball game. We won't discuss the 8 or 9 huge cones of extremely fine linen I also came across and will be bringing home to weave more tea towels with. Like Stephanie says - you get way more value for your money with very fine yarns..........


Susan said...

I have been following Yarn Harlot for some years now and just for the humour! She has an amazing way of writing. She can make you laugh ( all squirrels are 'ratbastards') or bring you to tears ( letter to her daughter on her birthday) The joys of home ownership (right now digging up her basement for a new furnace) and the ordeals of teeenagers in the home.
Then there is her knitting and travels..
It's all great... and I don't even knit!

But YH actually tried weaving recently and we thought we had a convert for a time....


Holly said...

I think we will make a weaver out of the YH yet! We just need to keep reminding her how much stash you can burn thru weaving.