Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Topsy-Turvey Day

A bucket of fringe twisting - shawls

Well, truth be told, it's been a topsy-turvey week - and the week isn't over yet. :}

It started out reasonably well - yesterday I picked up the new rims for the van, and this morning we dropped them off along with the van at the shop that was going to mount the tires onto the rims and balance them and put them onto the van. Everything was looking good.

Until they phoned at 2 pm to say the rims didn't fit onto the van! Of course they had mounted the tires before they tried to install the rims!

So poor Doug had to go back to the shop that sold him the rims. Seems there was some sort of mix up, and they've ordered rims in from Vancouver which should be here Saturday - so hopefully I will have snow tread on the van for the trip after all. And hopefully we won't have to pay extra for the replacement rims coming, or for taking the tires off the rims that don't fit and installing them on the proper ones. But since it wasn't the shop's fault, I suppose I'd better brace myself to pay twice to have the tires installed. :(((((

Normally I wouldn't worry about snow tires yet, but on my last trip two weeks ago there were already compact snow conditions at higher elevations plus we had a light dusting of snow the other night. :( Not to mention that there will be little to no time to deal with tires when I get home as shows follow each other almost every weekend until mid-November.

I got into the lab early due to dropping the van off as early as we could get there and lo and behold, there was no wait to speak of. So my blood work is being done and I'll get the results when I get back from Seattle.

Yesterday I didn't get to Mount Everest at all, so today I hunkered down to work on that only to come to the realization that the mountain is twice as tall as I had been thinking. So no, I'm not going to be able to conquer that before I leave. However I have managed to work my way through about one quarter of that job, so will carry on as best I can in order to get as much as possible accomplished before Monday evening.

Took a break to watch several hours of tv and fringe twisted (and had dinner in front of the boob tube).

I also have to put in an order for yarn for a commission - which on top of the tires and rims, the business insurance (which surely doubled since last year????) plus the van insurance - sigh - meaning that we are going to have to work hard to sell as much as possible at the 3 craft fairs we're doing in November. I'm not sure what I will do for income next year as I only have a couple of teaching contracts (which may, or may not, go ahead - there's always that cancellation clause.)

The intention was to go pressing tonight while Doug went to visit with a buddy, but in all the chaos and kaffuffle of the tires/rims, I forgot to load the washing machine. So now I'll wait until tomorrow night when Doug goes to watch the football game with another buddy. The good news there is that I now have two more shawls fringe twisted, so I'll wet finish them, too. :}

My wet finishing pile is mountainous - again. I'm hoping to deal with fringe twisting scarves (I'll ask my fringe twisting elf to return what she has as she doesn't seem to be able to get to it) and get a few more things finished for the up coming sales. They won't sell in my basement, unfinished.....

For now, though, I think I've had it with sitting crunched at the computer. Time to go weave and/or wind a few more colour gamp warps...........

One of the bright spots in the day was that Doug decided he needed a new cordless drill, but the one he wanted was more expensive than he was willing to spend on his own. So when he phoned to tell me how wonderful it was, I said "Merry Christmas."

So there's one less thing I have to worry about in December. :^)


Nancy C said...

Speaking of cold weather..we are having a touch of WINTER around here already.
Two (or more) sides to that coin: nippy, but great weather to walk the dogs; I can spend the whole day in my weaving shed without turning on the a/c c) hurricanes need WARM air to form up and grow.
so, I am offering thanks for it!!!!
And, just maybe, if the trend continues, we will have a little snow again this year! Rare around these parts!

Sharon Schulze said...

I finished something today! YAY! Although it wasn't a Mt. Everest, exactly, it was something that had been on my list for a very long time (a couple of years at least) so I feel tremendously freed by finishing. And I like how it turned out. Not what I had imagined in my mind initially, but something I like nonetheless so I'll take it. :-)

We are having "winter" here in NC, too, which is really more like summer in BC. But I'll take that too! Now I have to decide if I want to weave the fast, fat, cuddly shawls or the tiny, fine, care inserts. Or maybe some 10 inch beverage napkins? Way too many decisions for now. I shall let them all percolate for a few hours, I guess.

Sharon Schulze said...

Um, I meant CARD inserts. Although care inserts does sound gentle and lovely, doesn't it?

Maybe I'll use the cards for sharing kindness....