Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home Again

I did not leave Seattle at the crack of dawn this morning. I left it in the dead of night.

The roads in Seattle at 4 am on a Sunday morning are pretty much empty and I made it from Seattle to Hope, BC in the record breaking time (for me, obeying the speed zones - pretty much) of just 3 hours.

The roads continued to be relatively empty and I proceeded to make really good time until just south of Quesnel, when I ran headlong into a snow storm - and me with summer tread on the van. :(

Prudently, all of the drivers - at least those just in front and behind me - decided that instead of clipping along at 100-110 k (60-70 mph), a stately 70 to 80 k (45-50 mph) was a much wiser course to follow.

The truck in the ditch and emergency vehicles heading toward it were, no doubt, great re-inforcement!

But I got home safe and sound, albeit a little white around the knuckles (and elevated bp!)

view from my living room window

In spite of the dreary day I am very happy to be home. I think I'll go crash now. And pray for good weather the next two weekends or the crafts fairs are going to be a bust.....


barbara said...

Good to hear you are home "safe and sound". Meeting snow with summer tires is not a fun time! Too early for snow ----- hopefully the weather will be good for your next craft markets.

Weaverly yours ...... Barbara

Sandra Rude said...

Hope the weath!er cooperates for the next few weeks. And may the craft fair shoppers have $$ in their pockets and a willingness to spend 'em!

Laura said...

Hi Barbara, it's very good indeed to make it home through the near blizzard - in OCTOBER????

Hi Sandra - from your lips to God's ears - hope everyone does really well at the seasonal sales.

Nancy C said...

when I lived in Colorado, we all kept a little bucket or some other container with our chains in it. That and some warm blankets etc in case you get stuck waiting for emergency services to come pull you out of a ditch or something. Fortunately, the only time I slid into a ditch, I hit what amounted to about a decade's worth of rotted leaves. Had it been the other direction I would have gone right into some rather large trees!! Once I got pulled out, everything was fine. Anyway, a full tank of gas (keeps your heat going), chains and warm things are a good thing to have at all times!!!