Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thrumming Along

Bucket of thrums (weighing 15 pounds)

On Wednesday I'll be meeting the surface design artist to whom I give my thrums, so I dragged the bucket out from under the table where it lives tonight so I don't forget to bring the bag with me.

I haven't weighed it, but the bag holds the last 6 months worth of thrums - a not very heavy weaving schedule. Normally I'd have filled the bag much sooner but between having students, travelling and not feeling much like weaving it's taken much longer than usual.

Once Laura (the other Laura) finishes taking what she wants for her surface design, she'll take her scraps plus whatever thrums are leftover to the Salvation Army. The local branch has a recycling program for textiles.

I'm pleased to say that today my bp was *much* improved (thank you chemicals) and I hummed right along making significant progress on Mount Everest. Still a long way to go, but at least the barrier has been breached, or base camp reached, I suppose I ought to say in order to not mix metaphors!

And I finally did some actual weaving today. Weaving a colour gamp or two doesn't really count as aerobic weaving! Unfortunately it's been two weeks since I did any 'real' weaving and my thighs are letting me know I've been ignoring them. :}

The current issue of Handwoven has articles about studios. Madelyn suggested I participate in this issue, but I blushed to think that anyone would see the chaos that my studio is in reality and declined. :}

My four students saw it and my house at less than it's best this summer and that was bad enough!

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barbara said...

Hi Laura,
Glad to hear it was a better day for you! Beautiful colors in the thrums basket ... I give my thrums to a day care. Weaverly yours .... Barbara

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

He he! A tidy studio!!!??? If its too clean you have to ask yourself 'How much time is spent weaving v's cleaning?' ♥ST

Laura said...

BP bounced back up to "bad" this morning - obvioiusly something needs to be changed. :(

Won't be having turkey today - maybe a chicken stir fry - if I make it to the grocery store.