Friday, October 23, 2009

Day Two

Just back from our shift at the sale. The turn out has been fantastic! Kudos to Holly for all the hard work she has done to promote the sale.

Not only are people coming, they are buying. The inventory crew has been working hard and were still crunching numbers from last night when we left around 2 pm. Keeping track of such a great sale is a huge undertaking, but it's great to see the sale tickets rolling into the inventory room. :D

The range of textiles is enormous - hand made hats, woven, felted, and shibori scarves, garments of all sorts of descriptions, purses, carry bags, shawls, throws, towels, place mats and table runners just to mention the big items.

Jewelry - too many techniques to mention - basketry, and yarn. Lots and lots of yarn.

Robyn Spady also launched her monograph on weaving Passementerie. If this is something that interests you, her presentation of the program yesterday made it sound so simple! I think her website is If that isn't correct, I'm sure a search on Google will bring it up.

Congratulations to the Seattle Weavers Guild members. Another great effort!


Jane said...

Just passed by and saw your lovely pictures. Weaving looks like another enticing fiber art.

Laura said...

Definitely! :D