Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Aspect of Selvedges

Finished weaving runner number one and decided to use a textured rayon/linen weft in plain weave for number two.

I'm really liking how it is turning out but...oops! Can you see the flare at the selvedge? The difference in width between the two fabrics is nearly 1.5 inches. This is going to potentially cause a problem with the selvedges as the wider fabric won't wind onto the cloth beam properly on top of the narrower fabric roll.

In a case like this I add packing - sticks to be precise. The bamboo blinds aren't that easy to wind onto the cloth beam because they will get in the way of treadling.

And yes, I sell the rayon/linen textured yarn. I think it will make great towel weft, but the towels I wove up late last year still need hemming...


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Hi Laura,
I just found your blog -- and I'm immersing myself in your knowledge and details. I love the work you do, and the details you provide. I'm starting at the beginning and plan to read everything straight through until I catch up. I'm inspired...

Laura said...

Welcome - I do tend to have blabber fingers.......... :^)


Jenny Bellairs said...

Thanks for the tip about putting sticks on the cloth beam. I will be starting a towel with the same problem--wider than the previous one. I will make sure to use the sticks.

Laura said...

It really does help. I had no problems with the table runner warp. :)