Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Perfect Towel

It's always heartening when I hear of weavers continuing to explore after I've taught a workshop:

In 2009 the Central Ohio Weavers Guild hosted a workshop with Laura Fry, author of Magic in the Water. Laura presented our guild with what she refers to as the forumula for the Perfect Towel using specific warp, weft, sett and dimensions.

Following the workshop a study group was created to make some towels using Laura's formula. From this study group a book containing nine samples, drafts and color photos was created. The drafts are 3 to 8 harness. Each sample is at least 4" x 4" and finished using Laura's methods as described in Magic in the Water and sewn into the book so it can be viewed and handled to really appreciate the work.

Additionally a CD containing .PDF docutments containing drawdown and draft as well as .WIF files for those having weaving software. We are selling these as a guild fundraiser for equipment and future guild projects.

You may view a picture of the book, a page layout with draft and sample at If you are interested in purchasing the Book with Samples ($26), Book with Samples and CD ($31), or a CD ($16) please contact me at Swakins@.... These prices include Priority Shipping. I will accept PayPal, MO or personal check. If you would like international shipping please contact me for rates.

I'm supposed to teach in Columbus again in May. Hope they save a copy for me to see. :) Not sure if the links in this copy/paste will work, but do look at the photos. It looks like a nice addition to a weaver's library.


barbara said...

Laura - what a wonderful compliment to your teachings. Good for the weaving guild to take on the project of "The Perfect Tea Towel".
Weaverly yours ..... Barbara

Barb Butler said...

I have been attempting to order the towel book and am having a difficult time with the site. would you email me at to see if we can work something out please?
thanks much,
barb butler

PattyAnne said...


Would this be helpful for me with my 4 shaft loom or is it more geared towards 8 shaft?

Thanks, PattyAnne