Sunday, January 3, 2010


Got an email yesterday saying Coby was driving to PG today - several days sooner than expected given the weather we've been having all over the place. So I was caught a bit flat footed, thinking I had a couple more days to mosey along finishing the green tea towel warp and dressing the loom with the next one.

So, anaemia be d*mned, I steamed through the green tea towel warp, wound the colours I'd pulled for the next warp and just now finished beaming it. Taking a break before I start threading.

Occasionally I will do a time study, especially if I'm trying a new-to-me technique. So today I paid attention to how long it took to rough sley the reed (15 minutes) and beam the warp. From the time I inserted the reed into the beater until the time I cut off the loom waste was 29 minutes.

The warp is 2/16 cotton at 32 epi approx. 22.5 inches wide, and 11 meters long.

The threading is pretty simple - I'm sticking with the simple herringbone twill of the last two warps, and it should not take more than a little over an hour to thread. I'm expecting to get it threaded before Doug gets home from work at 6:15 or so, have a quick dinner (I love leftovers!) sley and tie on - hopefully before Coby arrives. She was thinking 12 hours to drive, but since the roads are in winter condition - it may take longer. Much more important that she get here in one piece. I don't mind staying up later if she decides to push through tonight. We're pretty much night owls, anyway. :}

But for now - it's back to the loom.


Sharon Schulze said...

It's hard to tell on my computer screen - what colors are in that tea towel warp? It looks like natural, with some wide yellow stripes... are there also some dark narrow stripes in there?

Laura said...

The colours are a yellow-ish beige, a pale blued grey and a fairly dark blue as the accent stripe.

Coby is weaving with a natural white slub and it's turning out beautifully.