Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dealing with Distractions

Distractions are not good when it comes time to do things like thread a loom, even if it is a simple pattern. It only takes your mind to go wandering elsewhere while your body continues on automatic, and you have an 'oopsie'. :(

Fortunately I'm weaving towels and cut lines come along at regular intervals, so after I spotted the glaring error in threading I just kept on weaving until I finished the towel I was on (the second, naturally) and wove a longer than usual cut line.

Then I got my trusty embroidery scissors with the really sharp points, dug the point into the cloth at the beginning of the cut line aaaaaand......snip!

The four errant threads were pulled out of the cloth, threaded correctly, re-sleyed and then pinned to the cloth.

Then I wove a few more picks to secure the ends into the fabric and kept going.

Like I said earlier, it's a good thing I've got a lot of friends who like 'seconds' because it doesn't look like the distractions are going to end any time soon. :(


barbara said...

Seconds are good, I think they have more personality!!! Friends/family always like to receive a surprise gift like this. Take care and all the best .... Weaverly yours .....

Nancy C said...

I would hazard a guess that nobody else would have noticed (-; But I get you! I took one of my scarves back from the gallery last time I took some over because ***I***noticed something. She kept insisting she didn't see what bothered me. Anyway, gave it to a friend who was thrilled to have the "second." She couldn't see what was bothering me about it either. (some too-loose picks at one end. I had already twisted the fringe.)
Nancy C

Laura said...

Sometimes we are our own worst critics - but that's what being a 'crafts(wo)man' is all about - knowing when something isn't quite right and either making it so, or accepting that you grabbed for the hem of perfection and missed - again. :)

It's partly what keeps me coming back again and again - trying for that moment when 'perfection' materializes (sorry about the pun - I just can resist bad puns!) ;^)


Anonymous said...

Ha, it took me a while to see your mistake. Yeah, probably nobody else would have noticed. But alas, the perfectionist lives in us all . . .