Monday, January 25, 2010


One of the challenges in weaving for sale is - at times - weaving the colour choice of the customer, not one's own.

The warp for this table runner is a sort of kahki green and a greyed brown. The weft is a greyed beige.

These would not be my first choice for colours, but they are the choice of a client. Since she'll know what she likes when she sees it I put on a long warp and will weave several table runners, each with a different weft for different looks and she can choose the one she wants. The rest will go into inventory. I'm very low on table textiles, so making some extra runners is probably A Good Thing.

The pattern actually shows up better in the photo than in real life - it's one of my favourites - Wall of Troy. The two colours in the warp were threaded randomly. The warp is 2/8 cotton, and for this runner I'm using 2/8 cotton weft. The others will possibly be cotton flake - I've got some in natural and some in a warm beige which may - or may not - go with the very subdued colours in the warp. Only a sample will tell.

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