Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Banding Together To Do Good

One of the blogs I read is The Yarn Harlot. Not that I'm exactly a knitter, although I can knit and purl and follow a simple pattern. :)

I follow her because I love her writing, her take on life and her sense of humour.

Recently she raised the call to arms - er needles - to knitters, sending out a request for knitters to band together to do some good.

With the recent catastrophe in Haiti, aid assistance has been strained to help the people most in need. Stephanie suggested several charities, but one in particular is a favourite of mine - Doctors Without Borders.

They do incredible work all round the world.

Stephanie's appeal has resulted in over $800,000.00 being pledged - so far - and she isn't finished counting yet. Her current goal is to raise $1 million for MSF (Doctors Without Borders).

To read The Yarn Harlot blog: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog

To donate to MSF: http://www.msf.ca/donate (for Canadians) or http://doctorswithoutborders.org/donate (for US)

She suggests a donation to go where the need is greatest so that they can allocate funds appropriately.

I would like to assist Stephanie and her amazing community of knitters to reach their goal. If you make a donation of a minimum of $50, email me at laura AT laurafry DOT com and let me know that you have done so, including your mailing address and you will receive a handwoven tea towel. You can even let me know your favourite colour and if I have any in stock I will try to accomodate.

Let Stephanie know you have donated so that she can add your contribution to her total by making a comment on her blog.

You can also help MSF by participating in Syne Mitchell's birthday party Feb. 21 by sending her 40 yards of yarn which she will incorporate into a blanket warp. More info at http://weavezine.com


Beth said...

Done! I've donated $50 per month for a year.

Daryl said...

Me to. Thanks for the plug Laura, I donated $25. per month, I don't think I picked an end date.

Daryl Lancaster

Laura said...

Just returned from the post office after mailing the towels.

Thank you everyone - just a little bit from each brings forth something great.


Sharon Schulze said...

I love the feeling of giving to help others and being part of the solution.

Thank you for the added reward and encouragement, Laura!