Sunday, January 31, 2010

Towel Rich

Spent the better part of 3 hours at the annex pressing. I'd forgotten I'd left a pile of tea towels up there, so not only did I press everything I brought today, I tackled the stack of towels that were already there, too.

Which reminded me that I am tea towel rich. So, given that the need is great, here is one more chance to get a tea towel in exchange for a donation to Doctors Without Borders.

Details here:

If you have already received a towel for a donation, yes, you have to make another donation to get another towel. :)

And one more quote from the book I'm reading by Daniel Tammet:

Without our individual talents, we would all be blank slates, slaves to whatever environment we were born into. Instead, every person can have confidence knowing that, by our very humanity, we each have something unique and beautiful to contribute to the world around us. In the end, it is not the size of our brains that matters, but the depth of our spirits.

Amen, Daniel. Amen.


Benita said...

I received my towel in the mail and I can't tell you how much I love it! Thank you, Laura, for doing this.

Daryl said...

I received my towel too Laura, thanks so much for generously rewarding donations. I will cherish my special towel.