Friday, January 1, 2010

In With The New....

green/purple/dk blue towels after wet finishing - turned out way better than expected! They feel wonderful. Well worth dealing with pesky linen. :^) soon to be listed at along with other new designs...

The turn of the year has traditionally been devoted to people looking at the year just gone and thinking about what the future holds.

For us, health issues have taken centre stage for the past two years, both mine and Doug's. I am happy to report that in this area things are much improved from 24 months ago. But not, unfortunately, completely resolved.

I found out on Christmas Eve the reason for my lethargy and feeling as though things weren't quite right. They weren't. I had been running a low grade infection for at least 6 months - with none of the usual symptoms that would have alerted me to the fact that I was truly not well. (This appears to be a recurring theme re: my health - I'm sick but not exhibiting the usual symptoms so either I don't know I'm sick, or health professionals think I'm a hypochrondriac. I'm so blessed to now have a doctor who listens to me when I say that things aren't right.)

On top of that, I'm anaemic, which sort of explains the lack of energy to do much - not even the things I want to do. In a way it's a relief to find out that there really is a reason for no energy - it's not just that I'm lazy after all. :}

The good news is that after a week of anti-biotics the infection appears to have been conquered, and I'm hoping the iron tablets will kick in soon because there is sooooo much to be done in the next months.

In spite of not feeling up to snuff for a variety of reasons I did get quite a lot accomplished. A busy teaching schedule for the first 6 months of 2009 saw me literally cross the continent, visiting several states I'd not been to before, and meeting lots of wonderful weavers. If any of them are reading this - please know that I remember my visit to your town fondly. I'm booked to return to one of them in May and am really looking forward to seeing the weavers of Columbus, OH again. After Columbus I'll head to Missouri to the Ozark School of Crafts in Joplin. Check the Schedule page on my website for contact info and details. Of course it all depends on getting sufficient registration....

Summer saw the arrival of four students, one at a time, to stay and work on their weaving technique and other issues of importance to them. The fall saw me back on the road, but driving this time, not flying. Lots of miles in Sept/Oct/Nov.

Earlier this year I mentioned that I was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. I face the big 6-0 this year. If there is something I want to do, or need to do, I'd better do it. Life is uncertain - live your life now, don't put it on hold for some possible day in the future. As we were reminded all too well, that hazy day in the future may simply not be in the cards.

Doug and I have been self-employed for much of our lives, or in work situations that don't provide much in the way of retirement income. So after talking it over we decided that we are still young and healthy enough to face doing more shows. But this time we will focus on fibre festival type shows, not necessarily craft fairs. Why? Mostly the weather.

Most craft fairs are in the weeks leading up to Christmas. For us that means facing winter travel, with all that that entails. Most fibre festivals are in the spring/summer/fall - weather isn't quite so harsh.

It was with this thought in mind that we decided to take on the Ashford and Ashland Bay dealership. The Ashford has come through and that info went live today on my website. I should hear from Ashland Bay shortly.

Our first fibre festival this year is March 26/27 in Abbotsford, BC. After that we plan on being at the HWSDA conference in Edmonton, AB. Still waiting to hear from conference organizers but that info should also come shortly.

I've never been to Complex Weavers, so decided that this year was going to be the year. I got in with all the seminars I chose. Now I'm trying to decide if I hire a seamstress to sew up the fabric that won 2nd place at the Carnegie Yardage exhibit at the Vancouver Convergence in 2002. I'm trying to lose weight, and hesitate to spend money on a garment that may not fit. :} OTOH, I've got a closet full of handwoven clothing that no longer fits, so....

While at Convergence, I'll be helping Teresa Ruch in her booth along with another of her friends. I hope to have lots of time to see as many exhibits as possible - and shop! Since I've done such a good job of using up my stash I'm looking for inspiration and new yarns. ;)

In spite of not wanting to do more craft fairs, it became clear to me that I really need to do one big show in a major metropolitan area. So we will be applying for One of a Kind in Vancouver next Dec. We did OOAK in Toronto in 2006, but with all the security and hassles involved with flying, decided it just wasn't worth it. We can drive to Vancouver, so it's much more attractive in that regard. In spite of 500 miles in winter weather. :(

And you will hear it here first - I'm in discussions with someone about publishing a monograph as an e-book. I expect to begin working on the text for that when my student - arriving sometime next week given winter driving conditions - leaves. Stay tuned for more on that. (And now that I've announced it publicly - I will HAVE to do it!)

As for resolutions, I don't make them. Much too depressing if I can't manage to stick to them. So instead I have intentions. That way if something happens that I need to change direction or focus, it's not such a big deal. :}

My intentions for 2010 are to continue weaving and taking care of my health. Use up as much of my stash as possible. Write the monograph. Lose the 20 pounds I gained in the past year. :( And 20 more if I possibly can. Not get too stressed out when Doug starts tearing the floors up and re-doing them. (Bathroom - the guilty party that started the ball rolling - hall, kitchen, dining room and living room are all slated for new flooring - it's going to be a nightmare!)

Once and for all, Clutter Mountain will have to be dealt with in order to do the floors. Finally!

So whether you do resolutions or intentions, or just go with the flow - my very best wishes for you all to have a very Happy New Year!


Sandra Rude said...

Happy New Year to you and Doug, and may 2010 be full of satisfaction at what we'll accomplish!

Katie said...

And a very Happy New Year to you and Doug, too, Laura. I am so happy I got to meet you in the workshop at Lamar, MO this past summer. I'm still hopeful that I will get to Canada one day.

I applaud your insistence on finding out what's wrong health-wise. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own health. Unfortunately, that's the easy part. Finding a health practitioner who is willing to be a "partner" is harder. Good for you for finding that person.

I wish you much success with your new dealership(s) and your yearly plans. I'm still in awe at your level of reading in the midst of such a productive and busy life.

Katie Lacewell

Sharon Schulze said...

Happy Happy New Year!

Last year in March I set about a dozen intentions. Things weren't going well and I needed to focus on what I could do, not what I had no control over. I made a poster so I had visual reminders, a list that I carry with me on my iPod (serves as a calendar/list reminder/always-with-me thing) and at least once a month or so read over those intentions. I'm amazed at what has happened. Seems like the hardest things are the ones that happened most readily and the easy ones (mostly travel) have been put on hold due to deaths in the family, etc. But on the whole - I'm now a big big fan of intentions. :-)

I hope you and Doug have just as much success with the intentions and that 2010 is a wonderful, wonderful year for you!

trish said...

Glad to hear you are doing well....Wishing you all the best in 2010. And please let me know when you get the Ashland Bay dealership as I've been interested in their yarns for I can buy from you!