Thursday, December 15, 2011

After Sample

.....and here's the 'after' sample.  :)

Again, the bottom bit is woven with the wool as weft.  The results are interesting but not 'collapse'.  The top bit is with the Tencel as weft and voila!  Collapse! 

After serging the ends I tossed the sample into the hottest water my hands could stand, then balled it up and rolled it vigorously as though I were making a large meatball (if that makes sense - it's the only analogy I could come up with).

As it cooled, I hotted it up again, several times.  This is the result of around 3 minutes of 'rolling'.

The Tencel shed some fugitive dye but it doesn't look like the wool picked any of it up - although it's hard to tell, especially in the part where the Tencel is the weft. 

I decided to hem the scarf as any fringe is going to look really odd with the wool fulling and the Tencel not.

I also calculated how much dimensional loss (approximately) and worked out that I should weave somewhere between 90 and 100" for a scarf.  I'll probably do 108 to allow for hems.  Besides, too long is easy to fix (especially when the 'finish' will be hems on the ends) while too short simply can't be fixed at all.


Judith said...

I'm confused. Why didn't the wool
weft work. Logically it should have... right??? Thanks for posting this. Heavily into sampling Collapse at the moment.

Laura said...

It is counter intuitive and I had a sneaky hunch that the Tencel weft would be the more effective choice. :) My assumption is that - because the wool fulls equally in the weft as well as the warp - that the areas with Tencel warp and wool weft is *also* fulling and therefore shrinking while the Tencel weft on the wool is the only part of the cloth that is fulling. Therefore the Tencel warp and weft bubbles because it is not changing at all....


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Nice! But I'm somewhat surprised you got so much shrinkage in plain weave. My experiments *all* turned out Very Flat, until I changed to twill (or what-do-you-call-it, false doubleweave) - even with what I considered way too open sett.
(and try one with fringes, I think it looks nice with the different looks :-)

Laura said...

I was a little surprised too as the set for the wool was pretty 'standard' for plain weave. But this wool yarn fulls *very* well so I did expect something to happen. I thought I would have to open the set to 12 but I think it's fine this way and easier to weave. :) Always A Good Thing for a workshop.