Saturday, December 24, 2011

One Winner, One....Not

herringbone diamonds

needs tweaking

I'm really quite pleased with the baby blanket/big project fabric.  When I want to do a large diamond, I use a herringbone threading/treadling sequence rather than an extended point twill.  What happens when you reverse the twill direction on an 'ordinary' point twill is that the outside warp ends fall out of the woven cloth.  If the distance is only 3 picks it's not a big deal, but when you want to do a large goose eye of an inch or more, it's a problem. 

So, rather than do an extended point twill I use a draft such as:
This is just one repeat - if you keep repeating the threading/treadling, you get large diamonds as in the baby blankets. 

(A little preview of what will be included in the Big Project - a little present for the holiday!)

As for the sample for the workshop, I'm not happy with the spacing of the colcolastic so tomorrow I'll cut the header out and resley.

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