Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cold Snap Music Festival

One of the things I do at the end of the day is sit for a while, watch a little tv and knit.  A friend calls my knitting creative fidgeting, and I can't deny it.

Recently I met someone who is involved in the Cold Snap Music Festival and she mentioned that she was looking for donations of warm winter gear for some of the musicians who come to town unprepared for the sometimes rather cold weather that we can get.  I offered to send some of my creative fidgeting her way.

But I wasn't really happy with my usual knitting which is okay but not terribly inspired.  I rummaged in my storage area and found 3 skeins of hand painted wool boucle' - all various shades of blues/purples - and decided to knit these instead. 

The purple-ish one is more blue in real life.  I cast on 50 stitches and just knit from one end to the other - again nothing terribly inspired - just let the yarn itself be the focus.  One scarf is done and the second is nearing completion.  I'm hoping to get all three done before Christmas and drop them off for the festival.  Then I'll go back to my usual bundled weaving yarns.  I'm sure I can get a few more scarves knitted for donation to the Salvation Army this winter.  St. Vincent de Paul got a bagful the end of October.

And I'll have worked on stash busting some more. 

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Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Creative fidgeting - I like it. There's an unending need for the items we produce, that's for sure. Those scarves look cozy.

Laura said...

Hi Rhonda, yes, especially where the weather gets as cold and nasty as it can here. :(

So far it's staying mild - too mild, in fact. I'm hoping for below freezing so that the roads are not wet and mucky. :)