Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little by Little

I have spent rather more time the last two days fighting with issues of electronic technology than I'd like and find the battles to be rather wearing.  Well, that's my excuse for frittering away a couple of hours this afternoon playing games on Facebook rather than doing something productive. 

However I did finally flog myself to the studio and got a sample warp for the Durham NC workshop wound and rough sleyed.  By the time I finished that it was nearing 5 pm and I was too tired to beam it.  But that's the thing about weaving - it is very patient and will wait until you get a round tuit.

The workshop for Durham is Magic in the Water part II which focuses more on shrinkage differential effects.  They don't want a lot of wool but I will include a couple just so they can gain experience with fulling.  I had to contact my supplier to make sure she was still carrying the wool yarn.  As soon as I got confirmation I was able to continue with this particular combination.

We are now nearly half way through December and I will have to have the warps for Durham ready very soon after the holiday so it's time to review the workshop and get everything ready.  I also need to review the one day workshop A Good Yarn.  I realized in Quebec that the handouts rather desperately needed editing.

And I got some good news today.  I had been labouring under the impression that my maintenance treatments would take place every 3 months (what part of Oct. 14 to Dec. 14 equaled 3 months I don't know) but that means the 3rd treatment is not in the middle of the March 'tour' after all, but during February.

I also realized that I get back to Seattle the Sunday before the Seattle guild meeting on the Thursday of that week. I had planned to stay a couple of days with my friend so I may just ask if she minds if I stay a couple extra days to attend the meeting and leave the following day.  Since I'm gone more than 3 weeks (one day over!) I have to buy extra travel medical insurance anyway so I might as well buy an extra week and stay for a visit?


Currently reading Gently by the Shore by Alan Hunter - somehow I managed to come home from the library today with even more books than I returned to them - I'll look forward to at least 3 hours of reading at the clinic tomorrow.


Laritza said...

Go for it! I am sure people in Seattle will love to have you. Do report back :)

Sandra Rude said...

Happy reading! I sometimes long to have a few hours to just sit and transport myself to somewhere/sometime else.

Laura said...

Be careful what you wish for! ;)