Tuesday, December 27, 2011


3 thread 'float' on selvedge 2/8 Tencel warp/weft 24 epi

3 and 5 thread 'floats' on selvedge 2/20 cotton warp with 2/16 cotton weft 32 epi/ppi.  The 3/1-1/3 twill causes small 'scallops' at the edges.

3 and 5 thread floats on selvedge 2/20 cotton warp with mystery weft 36 epi/ppi

None of these textiles were woven with a floating selvedge or temple.  In my experience - depending on yarn size - a 3 or even 5 thread float at the selvedge is not a problem.
Rather than worry about a textile having a plain weave selvedge I would far rather see weavers focusing on being consistent.  Learning how to hold and throw their shuttles well.  Learning how to advance and re-tension their warps.  Learning how to beam their warps so that they go on under consistent tension.  Learning how to wet finish their cloth. Learning fibre characteristics so that they can make appropriate choices for their textiles.  Learning at least enough theory to make changes to the project notes found in publications - or recognize when there is a mistake in the printed format.

But none of that is necessary if the weaver is enjoying what they are doing and are happy with their results.  If they aren't, then perhaps they need to dig a little deeper and learn more....

Speaking of which, there are now 7 students enrolled in the John C. Campbell Folk School class in March.  I'll take up to 12.  It also looks like the workshop in Durham is a go with a few more empty spots.  Not sure about Sarasota or Asheville.

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Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Preoccupation with selvages may be a modern problem. At http://tuskaft.wordpress.com/2011/08/14/gasoga/ (a swedish blog, in swedish) there is a picture of an oldish handwoven towel, where the weaver has ignored the non-binding edge thread at half of the goose-eye.
Myself, I have several industry-woven towels with solid white for (say) 4-5cm, then 2 picks of blue and so on, where the blue threads just float along the whole towel. Some of the floating threads have broken over the years, but the towel is still "structurally sound".

deb in sc said...

could you please tell me info on the workshop in Durham? is that NC? (dreamsoaps@aol.com)

Laura said...

Kerstin, I agree with you. When someone asked Norman Kennedy about the edge 'loop' he kind of laughed and said they would eventually break off. :)

Yes, the workshop is in Durham NC. I think I've got contact info on the Schedule page of my website laurafry.com Otherwise email me for details laura at laurafry dot com :)

Judith said...

I am in awe of your selvedges! :)
You set the bar high!
Wishing you good health and
low stress for the New Year.

Spinning Out of Control said...

Sarasota? Are you planning to teach a class in Sarasota, FL?

Laura said...

Yes, I'll be at Sarasota FL March 8-10.

I think I've got the contact info posted on my Schedule page at laurafry.com