Sunday, January 6, 2013

Closing Doors, Opening Windows

I've been having a lot of fun working with various colours and combinations with the variegated cotton yarns.  And I needed more towel inventory, anyway, so it's all been good.

But - in spite of my huge stash - I am running low on sufficient amounts of the colours I want to use so I can see another cotton yarn order in my future.

Well, I'll be placing a rather large order for the linen and hemp for A Good Yarn:  Linen and Hemp today so the cotton yarns will have to wait until I get home and see what my schedule is going to look like in terms of weaving more towels.

And another opportunity has knocked.  In order to answer that knock I have to do something I haven't done in a very long time - draw up a resume to include with my application.

Someone once observed that I was doing something in order to enhance my resume.  I had to laugh at that because I'd given up keeping an up-to-date resume a few years previous to that comment.  Quite frankly, making my resume look good is never in my thoughts when I choose to tackle something - or not.

But this particular opportunity would tie in very well with my teaching goals and in order to even be considered a resume is required.  So over the next couple of days I will be opening a Word file and trying to remember stuff I've done that will be pertinent to consideration for the position.  I am so glad I didn't procrastinate over getting the article for Handwoven and the files for AGY: Rayon done because I actually have a couple of days in my schedule that I can use to work on the application - it has to be received by the 15th of January.  It will mean less weaving, but since I'm running short of yarns anyway.....

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Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Happy New Year, Laura! I always find creating a resume difficult, but didn't you prepare a 'history' of your weaving career for the presentation in Quebec last year? It sounds like you've wrapped up a LOT of open projects recently, and new doors are opening for you - good luck with them! (And I hope the NC weather is less challenging than it was last time at Folk School!)

Sharon Schulze said...

Plus... you have this reminder called a blog that might help jog your memory if needed.... :-)

Weather in NC is looking good - supposed to be up near 70 next Saturday in the central part of the state! Probably more like the upper 50s or 60s in the western part of the state but still balmy compared to just about anywhere in Canada... :-D

Laura Fry said...

As long as it doesn't snow at Brasstown. ;)

A friend is looking my list if stuff over. Always helps to have another set of eyes to look it over. :)