Monday, January 14, 2013

Seattle Stop

Made it to Seattle only slightly 'late', had a lovely dinner with friends.  Now off to bed - the alarm will go at 6 am and I'll continue to head eastwards.  The weather here in Seattle was lovely - I'm hoping for more nice weather for the next few weeks.  :)

Could not fit more AGY Rayon into my suitcases so I won't have any to sell at the folkschool.  Keeping fingers crossed the mail delivers the box to Atlanta for the rest of the trip!

Had to leave a bunch of paperback books behind as I was running out of room in my suitcase, so I wound up buying a couple of ebooks and loaded them onto my iPad.  The advantage to a 'real' book is that you don't have to shut them off during take off and landing.  :)  The advantage to the iPad is you can bring a whole lot more books with you without adding weight to your load.  Win some, lose some.  ;)


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

I hope you were able to squeeze some knitting into your bag to get you through take-off and landing. Here's hoping you get good weather wherever you visit!

judy said...

Sure hope your plane makes it to Atlanta, several flight cancelled into Nashville, due to an ice storm. State of emergency has been declared here

Laura Fry said...

No knitting, although I did think about it. Books, though. I've got books. ;)