Sunday, January 13, 2013

Khaki Towel

Using a lighter value beige brightens this warp considerably.  I'm really happy with it now that it is wet finished.  (See Change of Pace post a few days ago.)

The last two days I've been making final arrangements for the trip - loading my suitcases, getting my vitamins and meds ready, ticking a few more items of administrivia off my list.  Some things I'd hoped to get done will have to wait until I get home.

Ah yes - home.  That flight that touches down Feb. 13 at 23:59pm.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Midnight. With a 3 hour time zone change which will make it 3 am my body clock time.  And at least an hour before I get home, probably so cranked that I won't be able to sleep worrying about a month's worth of mail etc.  That is, if I even get home, depending on weather.  :-/

The exotic life of an itinerant teaching weaver....

And that warp I'd planned to leave on the loom for when I get home?  Um.  Well.  I finished it.

Nekkid loom alert!  Both of them are.  :}

Well, since I don't know what will be awaiting me when I get home, I guess having two nekkid looms isn't actually a bad thing?

Anyway, I don't know how often I'll get to a computer so blog posts may not be very regular for the next 31 days.

Hope to see some of you on my travels.  :)


Sandra Rude said...

Safe travels! And may all of your students have a wonderful time and learn a lot. Plus, may you return home safely and in good health.

Laura said...

Have a wonderful time. Your students are very lucky to have you!

Laura Fry said...

Thanks - Now that I've done everything that I *can* do I am starting to get excited about being there. :) And maybe even missing some of the worst winter weather here! :^)


Louisa said...

Bon voyage! Have a lovely time and return safely. Hope your students appreciate what you go through for them. ;)