Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Well I intended to take a photo of the class today and...completely forgot.  :(

There were eight, experienced to very new.  By the end I think everyone went home with a new perspective and heightened awareness of what being efficient means to them.  One was even interested and taking the same topic in Memphis.  ;)

To add a little excitement we had a tornado alert right about the time we were sitting down to eat lunch so we took our food into a hallway with no windows, sat on the floor to eat, then talked about what needs to happen to make fabric for clothing.   By the time we finished that the alert was downgraded to warning and we went back to the classroom.

It was great fun as always to put faces to names, meet a previous student again and just generally encouraging new (and not so new) weavers to learn techniques new to them.  Hopefully they will go home and feel a little more confident about the rather complex process involved in getting a warp on the loom.

Tomorrow we head north to Chattanooga, then Nashville on Friday.

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