Sunday, January 27, 2013

Moving On

This morning we will wrap up, have lunch and head for home.  Or, in my case, on to Atlanta.   I forget how many are signed up at the workshop at SEFAA, but that doesn't matter.  I know that I will meet some great people.  And if I can help some of them weave with fewer difficulties and enjoy the process more the stress of travelling and being away from home is all worth it.

Putting faces to names I may have only seen on the Internet makes the net more fun.  The people behind the posts or emails become more 'real', so to speak.  Those are real people with real challenges and lives beyond the chat groups.

It has also been fun to see people interact and find common ground, common acquaintances.  It truly is a very small world.  It is a good reminder that we all, regardless of colour, accent, culture, live in the same nest.  Coming together, even for a short time, especially in a climate that supports and encourages creativity and harmony has to be A Good Thing, I think....


Teena Tuenge said...

I was recently in Atlanta with members of the Chatahoochee weavers guild and they were a great bunch. Jolie Elder was still signing up folks for your workshop and I mentioned how wonderful and useful your info was. Hope that helped some. (I was teaching my double weave and color workshop for them.)
Teena Tuenge

Laura Fry said...

Hi Teena,
Jolie is in the class. :). The experience ranges from very new to very experienced. Lots of info thrown at them yesterday. Today they should finish dressing their looms and I will see if we can cobble together a warping valet from a garment rack. Nothing like being willing to 'fail' in front of a class! :-/

Heard your class went well. :)