Thursday, January 3, 2013


Really happy with this rose (mostly) towel warp.  I only have enough of the rose slub to weave four towels so the rest of the warp will be woven with natural white.

It is just day 3 of the new year and already it's looking very promising.  :)  This morning I had a long conversation with someone and between us we agreed to work on a couple of fairly major projects.  I can't say more now because there are many a slip betwixt cup and lip and it may all go away as being impractical. But the thought of either, let alone both, of these projects has put a real spring in my step.

It has also given me the impetus to finally tackle my excess weight so instead of just moaning about it, it is time to actually do something about it.  I am sure my body will thank me in the end - or at least my feet, ankles and knees will be much happier!


Deanna said...

Keep up on the weight thing, and post your achievements and setbacks...I need the encouragement!

Dorothy said...

Happy New Year, and happy weaving in 2013!

Bonni B said...

Happy every endeavor in the new year, Laura. This will be the year we finally meet!

Laura Fry said...

Yes, looking forward to it!