Monday, January 7, 2013

Going Public

On Friday I sent out email notices to the people on my contact list.  A couple came back as undeliverable so if you thought you were on my contact list and didn't receive notice, email me. (laura at laurafry dot com)

Today Staples is supposed to have the copies ready to be picked up.  I'll go up there after massage to pick them up.  Tonight I will number and sign the covers, write out the mailing labels and tomorrow Doug and I will drag everything up to the guild room where we can use the large tables to spread out and assemble/package the copies.

Wednesday AGY: Rayon will go 'live' on my Art Fire site

By not supplying a three ring binder and flip-flopping the sample pages, I've managed to keep the package small enough to qualify for small packet status for delivery outside of Canada.  This is a significant savings in terms of shipping so I hope people will bear with me and straighten out the pages when they get the package.

For Canadians, the cheapest rate is expedited parcel - no small packet category within Canada.


Sandra Rude said...

Congratulations on getting one major task [nearly] done. The final packaging is a big job, but at least the hard part is complete!

Sharon Schulze said...

Yay! Can't wait! :-)

James said...

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