Monday, August 3, 2015

All Queued Up

Two and a half sessions at the loom and the cream warp is history.  :)

Next...RED!  Again.  I figure I've got enough yarn left on the tubes to do a 40 yard warp, which ought to also use up the last of the doubled singles 24 linen.  And if the linen runs out before the warp, the last bits on the tubes of red can be used as weft.

Which ultimately accomplishes several things - use up the linen and the red cotton AND I will have table runners for the fall sales.  I lost count of how many people asked for table runners.  I don't know if red was what they had in mind, but at least I will have table runners this year?

The draft is a simplified Pine Trees and Snowballs design I adapted from Mary Black's New Key to Weaving and will weave in twill blocks.  This will be woven as yardage and I'll cut them to length when it gets pulled off the loom.

Once this warp is done the next shawl warp must go into the loom or they won't be finished in time for the sales.  I'm going to be out of town the first two weeks of October so pretty much everything I want/need done for the sales has to be at least woven before I leave on Oct. 1.

Deadlines are my friend.  Deadlines are my friend.  Deadlines...


BarbCarol said...

How many table runners will your 40 yd warp yield? As a total beginner, I always learn so much from your blog.

Laura Fry said...

It depends how long I make them. I will cut several different lengths.