Thursday, August 13, 2015


Not a great photo but here is some yarn I originally spun a few months ago, still singles on the back spool, now plied with fine bamboo on the front spool.

I'm not entirely happy with the degree of plying but I was using a borrowed wheel (the guild Lendrum), the chair at the Fair was too low and very uncomfortable, and the bobbin had a whole lot more yarn on it than I expected.  It wasn't a particularly happy experience.  I had intended to ply both bobbins during my demo shift today but I opted out of more fighting with the wheel and wove instead.  But not too much - I didn't want to use up too much of the demo warp on the second day!

I will ply the other spool on my own wheel and see if I can match the one I did today.  There should be enough yarn to make *something* with.  The singles is a wool/cashmere blend, the other yarn is the Silk City bambu 12 - about the same grist as 2/16 cotton but of course very loosely plied and very flexible.

Not sure if I will knit with it myself, use it for scarf weft (probably not enough) or gift it to someone.  It's not the smoothest yarn in the world, it's definitely 'beginner' level spinning, but useful for something for someone.

Time to go thread the small loom.  I'm too tired to attempt to weave on the AVL - that will wait for another day.

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