Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Book Review - Looming Murder

In the best tradition of the 'cozy' mystery, Looming Murder presents lots of interesting characters and plot twists with a big dash of romance.   Weavers will find the addition of looms, yarns and textiles satisfying.  This is the first in a series and if you enjoy the 'cozy' genre, well worth looking at.  If you enjoy Monica Ferris' books, you will most likely enjoy Carol Ann Martin's. 


Nancy said...

thanks for the tip, Laura! Monica Ferris mentions the research that she does on her novels to get the terminology and "fiber speak" correct. Did you find anything jarring in this author's use of fiber and weaving terminology?

Laura Fry said...

Not much. And it was so nice to have her refer to the AVL. :D I just got another title in the series.


terri said...

When I read the part when the characters, having finished (winding) the warp, manage to dress all the student looms in half an hour, I decided that they either took classes from you or bought your DVD! :)