Saturday, August 29, 2015



close up - showing hem woven in 2/16 cotton and towel body in the cotton slub/linen

White dilutes
Grey muddies
Black intensifies

This little mantra will help in choosing appropriate colours for your textiles.

I think you can see quite clearly that the deeper colours of the warp are being subdued by the pale weft I'm using.

So it appears that the four cones I had decided to use up this time are much bigger in real life than expected.  I'd assumed that the cones were about 2 pounds.  Except that two of them are 3.5 pounds each, and the other 2 are 2.5 pounds.  With 3100 yards per pound, that is about 37,000 yards, give or take the cone weight.  I number crunched and discovered that 12 pounds of this cotton/linen yarn is enough weft for (wait for it) +90 towels.  !

Well, I won't be using up this yarn any time soon.  I don't have the time to make 90+ towels before the show season starts, nor do I need that many towels for inventory.  I've actually got quite a good inventory of towels because I've been weaving them on the AVL on 30 and 40 yard long warps.

So I will do a few warps with this combination, then it will be time to weave up some rayon chenille for scarves - because two simply isn;t enough - and then finish with a few more place mat warps.  I took a look at inventory the other day and there aren't nearly as many mats on the shelves as I expected to see!

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