Friday, August 14, 2015


While other things take my conscious attention, ideas for the Next Big Project continue to percolate in the back of my mind.

With my analytic mind I have been sub-consciously thinking about The End Product - as is my usual approach to creativity/design.  Where do I want to end up when I'm done?  What milestones do I want to see on my journey to That End?  What breadcrumbs do I want to leave behind so that others can follow my path...if they wish to?

So gradually a form is beginning to emerge.  It's all very fog shrouded, still, but objectives are beginning to make themselves known.

Vaguely stated, I want to distill 40 years of weaving experience into a format that others can learn from.  Bearing in mind that experience can not be taught, there are still ways of expressing those experiences that others can hopefully relate to and absorb into their own personal journey.

I have a working title which expresses my philosophy towards weaving and which will help to keep me on track - a focus to aim for.

It will all have to wait until December when the current crop of deadlines has been dealt with.  At least knowing that I want/need to do this Next Big Project, I will be deterred from establishing other projects (deadlines) - at least not other big ones - so that over the winter I can start roughing out the map which will aid me on the journey.

Hmm - last time I wrote a book I did the first draft in Sweden...

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Rebecca Hooper said...

Yes! This is wonderful news!!! Cheers to a peaceful and uneventful winter so you can focus on this project.