Friday, August 21, 2015

Showing Up

People often comment on how much I get done.  What they don't realize is that a) weaving is my job and b) I really don't do anything else.

Thing is, when you are self-employed, every day is a potential workday.  (It's also a potential day off, but if you have too many of those, nothing, and I mean nothing, gets done.)

Weaving is so much more than a job to me, though.  It's my happy place.  It's therapy - physical and emotional.

One of the reasons I chose weaving as a career is that I wanted - needed - work that had an element of creativity in it, plus I wanted to make the decisions.  So I decided weaving might just be the answer, even though I didn't actually weave at the time I made that decision.

The biggest challenge is that you have to show up.  You are answerable to no one but yourself.  While it is you that makes the decisions, you also have to accept the consequences of those decisions.  And sometimes that means working even when you don't really feel like it.  Showing up when your energy levels are in the toilet and doing something in spite of feeling like you are dragging a grand piano behind you.  You show up with a headache, muscle pain, etc.

Creativity is not something that comes to you in a blaze of glory, completely formed and perfect.  Being a creative person means that sometimes you have to deal with the administrivia, the prep work, the 'boring' bits.  Being self-employed means that you get to do All The Things, regardless of whether or not you enjoy them.  If they are necessary somebody has got to do them and in a one person studio?  That person is you.

You have to show up for all the jobs.  And you do.  You either get to the point where you don't mind them, or you hire it out.  That's why I have an accountant.  I'd much rather beam and weave a 40 yard long warp than deal with year end and taxes!

The first thing you need to do on the road to 'success' (whatever success means to you) is that you have to show up.  And you have to do the work.


FiberJunky said...

Amen! There is no way that I could maintained the discipline to be self employed if I wasn't doing something good I love. My boss can be an absolute tyrant ;) but it's worth it to see the racks filling up over the winter!

Brenda said...

I've been on both sides of the fence: self-employed and regular paycheque. You've nailed it perfectly - discipline.

Also, that creativity sometimes must be produced on demand. My current employment as a graphic designer with frenetic deadlines means I'm always 'on'. It also means that not so much gets done at home because I'm often mentally and spiritually drained at the end of the day. Today I'm giving myself a day to play with my watercolours. Weaving (because it isn't my livelihood!) must wait until winter.

Sounds like you're feeling better. Good news!

herons said...

Loved todays "on the spot" post. We don't hear that often enough.

Glad you are feeling better.