Thursday, August 27, 2015

And Now...

...for something completely different...

first half of a towel warp wound

both halves wound ready for beaming with huge cone of cotton/linen for weft (and warp yarns because there are a few knots in the warp that will need fixing)

I am getting tired of place mats, even though it's apparent I haven't nearly enough made for the upcoming show season.  Rather than flog myself to keep going with the mats, however, I decided to start on another of the yarns I inherited from Lynn...a fairly fine 2 ply, one ply cotton, one ply linen - with a slub in the cotton.

Since it's not appropriate for warp, it will be used for weft.  It's all 'natural' (natural white cotton, natural beige linen) the design emphasis will be in the warp.  Warp stripes to be precise.

Since I'm thinking of doing a blog post for Craftsy on using the Fibonacci series to design stripes, I started with a very simple stripe design.  I will do this stripe in several different colourways, then design another stripe using a different set of numbers and probably a different number of colours in the warp.  I've used just three in this warp - a warm reddish beige, moss green and a brighter sandy beige.

The weave structure will be plain weave and the lighter weft will 'wash' the colours of the warp to a pale pastel value.

This summer has been rather expensive in terms of technology.  I replaced both my desktop and iPad, and this week I wound up having to replace the computer that runs the loom.  Today Doug informed me that Puff isn't working and he has to call in an electrician.  I'm waiting to hear if it's 'terminal' or if Puff can be fixed.  If he can't, I am going to downsize, give up the annex and shoehorn all the stuff currently stored at the annex into my studio.  Where, I have no idea.

It will be back to trails and a possible episode of Hoarders but if Puff can't be fixed, there is no point in carrying on renting off site storage.  Since I'm cutting back anyway, perhaps this is just a timely reminder that I have waaaaay too much stuff and need to work harder at using up my stash and getting rid of some equipment.

Puff may be the first to go...

Just finished Tapestry of Lies by Carol Ann Martin and started Queen of Silks by Vanora Bennett.  I'm not sure if I'm going to keep reading that one - I am waiting to see if there is more information on the silk industry or if it is just a 'romance'.

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