Friday, August 28, 2015


has been kicking my butt this summer.

So far I have replaced my desktop, the computer that runs the loom, my iPad and now we are waiting to see if the boiler that runs Puff (industrial steam press) can be fixed.

I have to give thanks to Bob (Fiberworks) and Allan (computer guru friend) for helping me get the new computer talking to the Compu-Dobby I.  With the proper adapter, all appears to be well.

Thing is, the Compu-Dobby I is, in the electronic world at least, a proper 'antique'.  When I bought the new cpu, I suddenly realized the Compu-Dobby I is probably older than the sales clerk that sold me the computer.  But so far it still works, so I'm not about to invest thousands of more dollars to upgrade it, especially when I have no idea how much longer I'm going to be able to weave.

Bottom line is that by the time I'm done with weaving, this loom and the gear that makes it work the way I need it to will more than likely be worn out.

It's kind of sad in a way.  Looms used to be solidly built and passed down from one generation to another.  Now we have a society that doesn't expect anything to last more than a year or two and when it breaks or wears out, we throw it away.

I bought this loom in 1981.  I added the Compu-Dobby I a year after it was introduced (took me that long to save the money) so about 1992?  In 1998 or 9 I got Doug to install the air assist.  So all of the parts of this loom are old to very old.  And it has been used, pretty much daily.  There have been literally thousands of yards of cloth roll across the beams.

When it comes time to 'retire' I will be sad, but that time is not here, not yet.

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