Saturday, June 2, 2018

Rainy Day

I had planned on walking down the hill for dinner, but...plans change.  It’s not far, maybe a 20 minute walk.  But this morning I woke to rain pounding down, and while it isn’t as hard now, it is still wet and windy.  And I just don’t feel like heading down the hill and then hike back up again, getting chilled. 

Today I was supposed to be combing through the level two manual again, sorting out the daily lesson plans.  Instead I kind of crashed and burned and fell into bed for a little (ahem) two hour ‘nap’. 

Tomorrow I will dress the double Weave group warp on one of the studio looms.  And see if I can get my thoughts about how and when to present the class info sorted out.  Even though every day is a potential work day, apparently today was a day off...


Airstream30 said...

Laura, you deserve a day off once in a while. After all you will have to rest up for me in Level I at Olds! Oh I feel sorry for you.

Laura Fry said...

I have a few days between Cape Breton and Olds to recuperate. ;). Looking forward to seeing you there.