Tom's Textile Tales

     Tom Beaudet has worked with three major textile companies in his career (Milliken, Albant International, and Tetko) and loved every minute of it. He has and will continue to be involved with handweaving since college, more so since he retired.

"Keep those Beaters moving, its good for your health." - Tom Beaudet

How it all started

    I grew up in Putnam, CT, a small Textile Mill town in eastern CT where the only game in town were the Mills. We had almost as many Mills as we had people. All kinds; Cotton, Woolen, Worsted, Silk and Synthetic. I started working in the Mill part time building pattern chains in #2 Weave Shed at the Putnam Woolen, went full time when I graduated high school. A few years later went into the Army. On return I got a B.S. Textile Engineering from R.I.S.D. and started chasing that famous career path.

A lot happened in between and I loved every minute of it.

    I retired as General Manager of the Weaving and fabrication Div for Tetko in Buffalo N.Y. I worked with three major textile company's thru my career, in various parts of the country north and south, and around the world. Milliken, primarily in Woolens and Worsted apparel div., Albany International in Engineered Paper Machine Felts and Belting, and Tetko Inc. in the Silk Screen and Filtration media. I got involved with handweaving in college and to some degree stayed involved as a hobby ever since. I do some weaving, rebuild some Looms, do some consulting work, am involved with Elderhostel as a Facilitator, and currently the U.S. technical advisor and a dealer for Leclerc Looms.

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