Thursday, April 2, 2009

As Far As I Got

Today was a bit scattered. Spent much of the morning balancing my ledger and doing my GST return, then ran down to the post office to mail a couple of orders from my Art Fire Store. :D

When I got home, I decided that it was way beyond time to wash the floor so I vacuumed and scraped with the mop getting the worst of the dirt off. When Doug reno's the bathroom I want to replace the flooring in the kitchen and hall, too. When we re-did the kitchen a few years ago, I chose a lino with texture. Bad choice! :(

While my 3rd student came and wound her warp I threaded some more, but at 20 epi a 60 inch wide warp has a lot of threading and after dinner I was still only about 2/3's done. However the yarn for the Ukrainian skirts arrived today, so I really need to power through the rest of the threading and get started weaving as soon as I can.

To thread the AVL I remove the sandpaper beam and the beater top and reed. I use a stool to sit on that gets me pretty close to eye level on the heddles and two lamps to provide light into the heddles. The bottom of the beater is used to support me (under the armpits) to reduce the load on my back.

And no, I don't particularly find a black warp difficult to thread. This warp used up a whole bunch of partial tubes of black and navy 2/16 cotton. Had to eek out the balance of the warp with some 2/20 merc. cotton, which I doubt very much will show once the cloth is woven using the textured acrylic.

Ultimately it's more stash reduction, and that is A Good Thing!

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