Thursday, April 30, 2009

Loom Waste?

One of the benefits of a counterbalanced loom is that you can force the shed. Since I was already using a stick shuttle I just kept on weaving, trying to get as much length woven out of the warp as I possibly could. :)

The loom waste on this warp was miniscule! If I'd known before I started weaving I would have lashed on and been more stingy about how much fringe I left on the first sash, but...I wound up with one sash at the original 112", one with an additional 16" and the last with an additional 12" in length. As it is I'll have to needleweave a couple of threads in because the shuttle skipped a few times in the last inch or so. Not surprising when you see the shed size! :)

And here they are off the loom. Not looking too bad, even if I say so myself. :)

Now for a break before I dress the loom for the last two. I'll be really careful about tying on, just leave exactly what I need for the fringe, weave the first one with an extra 16" in length (to match the longest one on the first warp) and the last one will be as long as it will be.

Today I also need to prepare for the Beginning Weaving workshop on the weekend. Two students for sure, possibly three. In between helping them I'll wind some more warps for the guild project loom. It will be nice to use up the last of that yarn. It's all profit for the guild now as the yarn was paid for several warps ago. :)

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desiweaver said...

Wow, that is beautiful! If I hadn't seen the picture of it on the loom, I would have thought it was inkle woven. Great edges!